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Xenophon Labs is a high-conviction blockchain R&D firm that specializes in mechanism design. We partner with a small set of top projects to optimize their existing mechanisms and raise the bar for mathematical and economic rigor.

Core Tenets

First principles approach.

We never forfeit rigor in favor of trendiness. Our work is rooted in incontrovertible empirical evidence where possible, and time-tested theoretical premises where necessary.

Metric driven.

We find solutions that improve the project in tangible ways. Our favorite metric is revenue. We encourage clients to hold us accountable to this.

High conviction.

We only work on projects that we believe will prosper. This allows us to dig deep to find solutions that fit those projects' specific needs.

Controversial when necessary.

A goal of our research is to find nontrivial relationships. We present those findings honestly, even when the findings are controversial.